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In the northwestern Peloponnese the Selianitika is one of the most beautiful communities of municipal Unity Sympoliteia Municipality Aigialeia Achaia Prefecture. Are 180 km from Athens, 35 km from Patras and just 7 km from Aigio. It has approximately one thousand residents.

From the center of Selianitika passes the old National Road Patras-athens - Thessaloniki-evzoni , close to the new Olympia Street and is scheduled to operate a suburban rail.

The Selianitika in 1879 were identified as settlement of the Municipality of Aigio and since 1912 is the seat of the community Selianitika. In 1997 annexd to the Municipality of Sympoliteia becoming Tourist Municipality and in 2010 annexd to Aigialeia.

The name is directly related to the toponym of the mountain village of East Aigialeias of Seliana. The descent of most residents of the mountainous Seliana and the permanent establishment in the seaside village Selianítika place according to historical sources the Ottoman period. With them the first settlers brought the worship of St. Basil who became the patron saint of the community. Later they settled and families from borderless Vergouvitsa (mountain villages Aigeira) and Zacholi (now Evrostini Pref. Korinthias). At the beginning of the century Selianitika formed the commercial center of the region since the inhabitants had developed trade and even by sea with settlements up to Roumeli.

As the region Selianitika was widely known for its warm spas and featured "tourist site" with PD since 1976. They have a beautiful beach with clear waters, citizens service center, regional office, shops, restaurants, taverns, coffee - bars, open-air cinema, soccer field 5 x 5 apartments and hotels.

They are the place to enjoy your holiday. It is the ideal place for those seeking clean sea, fascinated by the natural beauty and to enjoy the magic of the mountain. In this beautiful corner of the Achaean land you will meet friendly people ready to welcome visitors with kindness and interest.

You will be entertained with various cultural events, especially in summer, organized by local associations.

Selianitika can still be your starting point to visit the Great Cave, Agia Lavra and the ski resort in Kalavryta, Aigio, Patras and ancient Olympia.

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